Pacific Rowing Race June 2014

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I know you’re not ready for 2014 (I’m not), but I just learned from a blogger in the UK (How to Cross an Ocean) that there’s a scheme in the works for a Pacific Rowing Race from Monterey to Hawaii in June of next year. (The Internet is an amazing place to learn about your own backyard — thanks Sarah.) I’m bring this up now because How to Cross an Ocean is a daily diary of “four birds” who plan to enter the race, row to Hawaii, then to Australia, and continue across land and sea to England.

The Pacific Rowing Race organizers are in California for the next few weeks to raise awareness. And you might be interested in following the daily diary (link above) or four birds in their efforts to educate children as part of their journey.

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2 Responses to Pacific Rowing Race June 2014

  1. arrancat says:

    Reblogged this on How to Cross an Ocean and commented:
    Just stumbled upon this share, thanks soooo much, and can’t wait to visit your beautiful ocean.


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