Coastside Trail: Best birds 1

Here are my best shots from the first part of the south-to-north trek along the coast of Half Moon Bay. (Best doesn’t mean great, just those good enough to post.)


Here’s the key by column:
Column 1: Savannah Sparrow, White-crowned Sparrow (feeding a youngster), Great-horned Owl, decorative garden grasses (I liked the pattern)
Column 2: Anna’s Hummingbird (male), cypress grove (for the pattern), Hutton’s Vireo
Column 3: American Robin, Surf Scoter, Western Bluebird

About Chris Parsons

Science writer/educator exploring nature and sharing via words, images, data and stories — to connect, inspire and conserve.
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2 Responses to Coastside Trail: Best birds 1

  1. Gunta says:

    Lovely shots all. I liked the cypress grove. It reminded me of one down at Big Sur (to walk through to get to the beach… can’t think of the name of the beach at the moment.)


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