Song sparrow

Everywhere I walk this time of year I hear, and often see, song sparrows singing. They have a distinctive and melodious song. So I’m sharing with you my collection of these songsters.

While reading up on song sparrows, I learned that the males are the singers and the females do most of the nest-making. He sings, she builds. Then they both care for the young. Listen while you walk and you may hear him, too.


About Chris Parsons

Science writer/educator exploring nature and sharing via words, images, data and stories — to connect, inspire and conserve.
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4 Responses to Song sparrow

  1. nora deans says:

    Your images are beautiful!

    • Thanks, Nora. Work in progress! Yesterday I took an Elkhorn Slough evening trail walk & landscape photo workshop with Paul Zaretsky. His photos are wonderful, and I have a lot to learn.

  2. Gunta says:

    We seem to have a white-crowned sparrow that has taken up residence in a tree near our front door. What a joy to hear him sing!


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