Half Moon Bay Coastside 3

Yesterday was another long day (7+ miles) and so I’m a bit behind on sorting through my photos. We had sunny skies and very little wind in Pillar Harbor (Princeton-by-the-Sea), and so the shorebird sightings were varied. These first three were on the same rock paying no mind to one another.


Black Oystercatchers




Spotted Sandpiper

Across from the bayside rock was a breakwater (with a view of Maverick’s when it’s breaking – but not today). The breakwater was dotted with Black Turnstones (named for their habit of overturning stones for food). I counted about a dozen (but I could have double counted). This one was dodging a small wave.


Black Turnstone

Another good day… and more on the way.

About Chris Parsons

Science writer/educator exploring nature and sharing via words, images, data and stories — to connect, inspire and conserve.
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2 Responses to Half Moon Bay Coastside 3

  1. Gunta says:

    I’m lovin’ this series. Seems like shorebirds are a challenge for me to identify.

    • I’m having fun with these posts, too, while working on learning the birds — as you may have noticed I mislabeled the willet as a dunlin (now corrected). I’m most challenged by the songbirds — warblers and sparrows, ack!


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