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Hi. I’m Chris Parsons, a native of California with Monterey Bay as my permanent home base. Professionally, I’m a biologist turned educator turned writer/communicator turned program evaluator (with degrees in biology, educational technology and business). Through my business, Word Craft, I’ve worked with many of the major aquariums, zoos, nature centers, conservation organizations and research institutions in the U.S., and have written about most of the world’s habitats and ecosystems.

This blog is more personal though. It’s about kayaking the waters and walking the beaches of my home and musing about encounters with Monterey Bay’s amazing marine life and environments. I find the bay a great place to live and a wondrous place to explore, and I’m glad you could join in on my outside adventures. But my goal is to get you outside wherever you are.

If you have a question, request or a correction to something I’ve posted, let me know by using the form below. I won’t use your info for any purpose but a reply.