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Sea star wasting: A recovery?

I never thought I’d be thrilled to see a few sea stars (starfish). But after nearly two years of bad news regarding sea star wasting syndrome (they literally melt into oblivion), there’s some good news. First, scientists know the cause … Continue reading

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Bay webcams

Note: To see the most current (and running) webcams, see my 2017 post. CP ~~~~~~ Note: Updated Dec. 2015. Some cams are down or gone! See additions at the end for the newest. So it’s time to play along Monterey Bay. … Continue reading

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Wasted. What is happening to the sea stars of the NE Pacific Ocean?

Originally posted on The Marine Detective:
Last update: August 2017 Sea Star Wasting Disease summary:  Has been raging since June 2013. Unprecedented in both range, duration and number of species impacted – 20 species of sea star species since 2013 from…

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Summer beachcomber treasures

One pleasure of walking the beach is making new discoveries. There’s always something delightful at my feet. Because I walk nearly the same times each day, the beach is never the same. The tide may be high, or low, or somewhere … Continue reading

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